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Koomwimarndin in Chachoengsao Thailand



Crafted by hand from clay, earthenware products, including dolls and other decorative items, tend to be a popular attraction among members of the public.

But at Koomwimarndin in Chachoengsao's Khlong Khuen district, 100 kilometers east of Bangkok, visitors don't just get the chance to browse or buy these kinds of goods, supporting the work of the artisans who produce them, as they can also try their hand at producing some pottery.


Set within a four-rai (0.64-hectare) plot, Koomwimarndin offers a relaxing yet entertaining destination for city folks looking for a weekend getaway. The site includes a vast lawn and fruit trees, along with a clay-built cottage store, where the goods for sale are displayed. There's also an open-air pavilion, featuring a coffee corner and a studio workshop.

Lots of Gift Ideas
The store sells beautiful earthenware plant pots, cute dolls and other kinds of ornaments, including mobiles, bells, curtain-like hangings made from small items of pottery, as well as various kinds of souvenirs.

If these various items inspire you, you may wish to try crafting some pottery with the assistance of an experienced potter within Koomwimarndin's studio workshop.

Hands-On Experience
The studio workshop includes several tables where participants can work in groups. The studio provides all the necessary materials, including clay and tools for shaping or decorating the clay. There are also some basic templates provided for absolute beginners. 


First-timers (including kids as young as four), might wish to start by sculpting the clay into beads and then string them together into a necklace. Otherwise, you might wish to try and produce a basic pot. This requires the participant to create some tubular lengths of clay that are then interwoven to produce the pot. If you feel like a challenge, you can try and produce an animal figure or even a Japanese superhero, such as Ultraman.

This process usually takes around one or two hours to complete, depending on the participant's individual ability and the complexity of the task. You can take the fruits of your labor home with you, or ask one of the tutors to bake it in the kiln.

If you choose the latter option, please note that the completed item will take around four days to harden before it is ready to be baked (in the kiln). Koomwimarndin provides a useful service that means that the pottery will complete this procedure for you, before mailing it to you (it may take up to two weeks to arrive at your home address). Otherwise, you can make a return visit to pick it up, if you prefer.


Koomwimarndin can organize pottery classes for schoolchildren from Monday to Thursday and the pottery is able to accommodate up to 350 school students. Schools interested in participating should contact Koomwimarndin in order to make the necessary arrangements.

Koomwimarndin opens to the general public from 9 am to 6 pm, from Friday through Sunday, as well as on official national public holidays.

The pottery has an admission fee of just 30 baht, while it costs 40 baht (including the entrance fee) to take part in the studio workshop. However, please note that there is an additional charge of 40 baht per item baked in the kiln.

For further information, contact Koomwimarndin on Tel: +66 (0)88-2195422,087-8251338, or visit  or

Transport Connections:
Koomwimarndin is located in Khlong Khuean district's Khlong Khuean sub-distirct. It is about 20 kilometers from Wat Sothon, one of Chachoengsao’s most popular attractions.

Car: From Bangkok, take Highway 7 (the Bangkok-Chon Buri motorway) and head towards Chachoengsao province. When the opportunity arises, switch over to Highway 314 to get to Chachoengsao’s Muang district. After passing Baanmai Market, turn right at the next junction into Khlong Khuean Road. 


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